Saturday, 2 July 2016

10 Summer products you need to have this summer "part 1"

hey beautiful people, i am here to show you products you should have in summer part 1, and this part is concerning about face and body products that keep us fresh, clean and super confident 
1) two body splashes from " bath and body works" these body splashes are very suitable for summer, thet make you feel very fresh and their smells is beyond the perfection 
names: -moonlight 
- cheerry blossom 

2) body lotion, "sweet summer kiss" also from bath & body works"
its sweet taste makes you so addicted 
it also soften the body'skin 
you can use after a bath or before going to sleep on your hands and legs 

3) shower gel "moonlight" that has the same smell of its body splashes
this product i like to use it in night - showering at night- and after it put its body splash and fall 

this is a hand cream from the "body shop" 
what i really like about it is its very small that you can take it in where to hydrate and soften your hands 
also its strawberry's smell is the best smell you can have in summer.

i have some lips' problem that makes my lip tough and bleeding
so that lip balm treats my lips really good and it makes have a light pink color 
from: maybelline.

as summer comes, the skin becomes darker , so i used that skin product from olay that really smells good, and brighst face's skin
its a morning cream with SPF 24, you should give a try. 
i really have a really oily skin, so the prefect thing for me is A BB cream from "Garnier"
i use the "medium one" 
not too dark nor too light 
and it makes my face so clear, and perfect for summer, as it is too hot to wear too much make-up

also "pure seduction" from Victoria's secret smells so good 

summer means hot and being sweatty, so this product is seriously " must have" specially in summer 
"lady speed stick" makes so fresh, prevents the sweat for 24 hrs 
so you can enjoy your summer days 

lipsticks for sure
have them  wild and sexy 

this is from maybellin. 

this part is little bit long, but i hope you have enjoyed 

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